Anne-Lise Weinberger

Anne-Lise Weinberger is a Swiss-British artist based in London whose material-led practice spans both painting and sculpture.  She brings strong sensorial and tactile elements to her work, bridging the gap between the organic and the synthetic, embracing a plethora of materials to create paradoxical works.  Anne-Lise challenges pre-held assumptions on materials and their interactions by using innovative and adventurous combinations of materials, often resulting in ambiguous compositions for the viewer to decipher.

Anne-Lise’s practice thrives by using an experimental approach, allowing the materials themselves to shape her work as it evolves.  Her process is reinforced by methodical yet instinctive investigations, exploring the possibilities of colour and pushing materials in unexpected ways.  This allows Anne-Lise to engage the viewer with both powerful and subtle constructions and contrasts, conveying emotions in a host of ways.

Anne-Lise’s work translates an interest in exploring materiality, what it can bring to the viewer, what can be expressed and what boundaries can be breached?  Her work discusses the interaction between the synthetic and the natural in an intriguing manner.  Ideas such as transience, vulnerability and conformity permeate her work.

Through her paintings, Anne-Lise explores the boundary as painting evolves into sculpture, focusing on the interplay between textures and colours. Working in three dimensions gives her work depth, vibrancy and texture, allowing the sensorial nature of her materials to become integral aspects of the finished pieces.  Anne-Lise explores a significant variety of mediums, embracing the reflective quality of glass and the texture of sawdust, using either oil or acrylic paint.  She also varies tactility, textures, contrasts and the level of gloss.  Her works encase gestural marks, requiring quick and convincing motions to provide their form, substance and complexity, brought into sharp contrast in a number of cases by using a separate colour and dynamic.  Anne-Lise’s paintings are on plywood boards with distinct, angle cut edges.  These boards expose the complexities of the manufactured material and add a direct industrial reference to the works, some viewing these boards as providing an organic element with others viewing the human construction characteristic as the dominant aspect.

Vibrancy of colour is an aspect that permeates both Anne-Lise’s sculptures and paintings.  The use of acid hues is frequent, translating a gutsy demeanour which stands out and confronts the viewer.  Her bold use of colour complements the dramatic constructions which abound within Anne-Lise’s pieces, resulting in striking and visually stimulating works.


Coming Up

10 to 14 November – Journey into Unknown, Copeland Gallery, London, UK

27 September to 9 October – Camera Oscura, a.topos gallery, Venice, Italy


Ingram Prize 2020 Exhibition, Smartify app (click here)

Virtual Showcase, University of the Arts London, London, UK


Anti-Rocket (Chelsea College of Arts), Milverton Street, London, UK

We Need to Talk About It, Hanover Space, London, UK

Different Visuals, Lightly Touched, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK


In Progress, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

Foundation Show, City & Guilds of London Art School, London, UK

Pop-Up Show, City & Guilds of London Art School, London, U



Shortlisted – The Ingram Prize, London, UK

Shortlisted – Mother Art Prize, Procreate Project, London, UK 


Winner – Outstanding Work at the Foundation Show, City & Guilds of London Art School, London, UK



Interview – The Ingram Prize, London, UK (click here)



Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Distinction


City & Guilds of London Art School, London, UK

Foundation Diploma, Distinction